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We build visually appealing websites that work flawlessly on any device. We provide engaging written content that is optimised for search engines. We offer excellent web consultancy.


Web Design & Consultancy

// Every serious business needs a website

Websites are everywhere and if you take your business seriously you have to make sure you have one too. There’s no exception. Google accounts for more than 90% of the search engine market and we assume you have just used it yesterday. That’s how important web searches are. We search for just about everything on the web. So, if you want to be visible when people search for your business services, you need an address.

SEO & Content Writing

// Your website content makes all the difference

Content is the king and that goes for everything on the web. If you want to be one of the first 10 of the search results page, you have to take time in writing about your products and services, make use of image attributes, follow structure and provide meaningful information. It is a continuous task that requires attention. Because even if you think you rank well, it’s just a matter of time when you might lose it. 

Product Design

// Your corners need to be predictable by design

Creating something new from scratch or changing an existing product is a very exciting work. But how do we approach it correctly? To design a new product undergoes many tasks before the actual design will even start. It sounds simple to design a product but there is a thought process involved that can take up weeks or even months. Because at the very end of the project is a target audience and they will decide if they like it or not.

Graphic Design

// Marketing with good design makes selling easier

What is marketig without graphic design? A tough job. Graphic design helps us bring messages to life. It is the sweet part of sales and marketing, making it easier to reach people. Especially in a digital world like today. But doing it wrong can also hurt your business and you may be seen as unprofessional. This is why many people and businesses ask professional designers to help them out and give them an edge in marketing their services.


I can always rely on him


“Nelson created my entire homepage from A to Z. He works reliably, quickly and is very creative. Even now I can always fall back on him to make changes. I often get many compliments for my homepage and this is certainly also thanks to him!!!!”

A highly successful collaboration

A. Frei & Partner GmbH

“Working with Nelson was a highly successful collaboration. His design and technical expertise enabled him to deliver on time and within budget. I can recommend his work.“

Responded to all our wishes and ideas

möschwyss GmbH

“Nelson created our website for us and responded to all our wishes and ideas. He dealt with our offer and designed the website accordingly, which we really liked.”

The Process

First Discussion

The welcome drink. We get to know each other and how we can fit together.

We listen to your ideas and what you want to achieve with it.

Drafting Project

Getting all things ready. We think, brainstorm and sketch solutions.

We carve out the plan, decide on dates and times length, and prepare for the go.

Discuss Project Draft

The birds eye view. We look at the draft and find what’s good and what’s missing.

We share further ideas, debate whether they fit in or not, and decide when to begin.

Begin Creative Project

Rolling up the sleeves. We get our hands dirty and start working on the solution.

We communicate and make timely process, and begin for final presentation.

Present Creative Output

The last few steps. We share and present the creative output.

We discuss the work and decide on possible last adjustments.

Final Adjustments & Deliverables

Moment of truth. Together we look at the final project output.

We get all things ready for release and share the output.


Corporate Website

A website for a construction company in Switzerland.

Consultancy Website

A website re-design for a software consultancy business.

Course Material

The study materials for a women’s health course.

Blog Site

A website for a blog site in the Philippines.

Restaurant Website

A website for a restaurant in Baden, Switzerland.

Recipes eBook

A recipes eBook for health conscious women.

Cigar Brand

The design of a cigar brand from Switzerland.

MS Word Brochure

A design for a Microsoft Word 2016 course.

Company Website

A website for a roofing business in Switzerland.

Business Website

A website for a shading company in Switzerland.

Companies We Work With

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